Logo da Rocketmat


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Rocketmat is an industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company focusing on the challenges within Human Resources, Talent Management, and Recruiting.

We are Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques to assist Human Resources - in particular Recruiting and Talent Management professionals.

Our Purpose brought us here

Exponentially increase the degree of employability of a person by analyzing all candidates with fair and transparent mathematical criteria, and contribute to the technical and behavioral development of the employees of the companies in which we operate. We think about people first!

The Rocket Values 


Dream big and make it happen
Nothing is impossible when we
have a true purpose.

Customer Centric
Our commitment is the customer's
final result, satisfaction + performance.

Respect for the rights, opinions and way of life of the people who are part of our work team, customers, investors and society.

  • Cientista de Dados - Especialista NLP e LLM